Thank You All Our Great Supporters & Volunteers

Jamie Parker NSW Greens Candidate for Balmain

Thank you all our great supporters and volunteers - I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your fantastic contribution to what has been a fun and fulfilling campaign!

The count is still continuing and it still very close between Greens, Labor and Liberals. With over 4000 postal votes to be counted the result is still unclear. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news.

Thank you, one and all, for your help during the campaign to make history in Balmain.

Whether you were one of the more than 155 people who did 3 rounds of letterbox drops to 35,000 households, or one the 200 people who handed out all day or part of the day at pre-polling, polling booths, and/or scrutineering, one of the many agile bods who scampered up telegraph poles repeatedly - often to replace our stolen or defaced posters, one of the team that wore out the soles of their shoes knocking on over 80% of residents' doors, one of our coordinators and data entry people who have worn out their fingers on their computers and their ears on the phone, you have helped cook or serve at one of our BBQs, helped with our internet presence, or any combination of the above - THANK YOU.


Together we have left no stone unturned in doing everything we could to get a Green into the NSW Legislative Assembly.

We did keep saying throughout the campaign: "every vote matters" and this cliff-hanger result shows it's true.

So, "win, lose or draw", you made a difference - together we made this the closest lower house seat contest in NSW.

Real Change is Voting #1 Jamie Parker Greens in Balmain

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