Thank you: time to reflect and celebrate 2013

 Thank you for all your support this year – we have achieved so much together and your support has made all the difference. As the first Greens MP in the Lower House of the NSW Parliament, I’ve worked hard to stand up for our community and to protect what we love about our neighbourhoods. With your support, we’re a powerful force and we have some great wins to celebrate.

Thank you for your part in these campaigns:









  • Speaking up for the environment and communities while holding back and ammending Barry O'Farrell's damaging planning reforms.





  • Exposing how the public loses on average a $671 a hectare by subsidising loggers to destroy our state forests


  • Being a strong and dynamic voice for the rights of women and the LGBTI communities.



We've  had some great community meetings, rallies and online campaigns and as a result we have been able to bring about positive change. And we have achieved all of this in the face of increasingly conservative State and Federal governments.

So I’m excited by what we can all do together in 2014 to protect the environment, advocate for public transport, bring about a fairer society and help communities stand together so that they will be heard and respected. I look forward to continuing this work with you next year.

All the best for a restful and enjoyable festive season and a fulfilling, joyful New Year.

Best wishes,


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