The importance of green spaces

This week some of my Parliamentary colleagues and I caught up with Jeff Angel and Corinne Fisher from Total Environment Centre for a briefing on the importance of urban green spaces. 

The natural beauty of Australia’s cities is world famous. Our outdoor life style is enviable. And our parks and trees are a valuable inheritance. But as the cities grow, developers are bulldozing the bush for housing and infrastructure, chainsawing city trees and grabbing green spaces - making the city less healthy and liveable.

Total Environment Centre has launched a SOS Green Spaces campaign, which features the SOS Green Spaces Map. The map tracks threatened spaces in over 70 locations across Sydney with detailed information about local trees, native species, and resident action groups.

We need more green space as the population grows, not less, yet every day we lose more trees and breathing spaces to a chaotic development juggernaut that prioritises roads over people.

The TEC's network will help to protect remaining bushland, preserve and expand parks for family picnics and active sports, and create more shade for our streets to alleviate dangerous urban heat island impacts on our health and climate.

For more information on the SOS Green Spaces network, click here.


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