Tranby Aboriginal College: enrolments skyrocket

Tranby2Small.jpgJuly 10, 2014. MEDIA RELEASE.

Student enrolment for Tranby Aboriginal College’s academic program has more than doubled.

The massive increase in enrolments has been a result of a local, grassroots project called Learning Ambassadors, which sees student ambassadors tell their personal stories of how studying at Tranby has significantly improved their professional and personal lives.

Photo: Jamie with Kay Sadler and Glenn Hannah, Tranby student ambassadors.

“This is the largest growth in student enrolment at Tranby Aboriginal College in over a decade,” says Chief Executive Officer, Belinda Russon. "This is a fantastic achievement and I’m really proud of the success of our Learning Ambassadors initiative”.

“The motivation to study might be different for everyone, but what is shared is a feeling of pride for taking that first step and seeing it through,” says Ms Russon.

Jamie Parker MP, member for Balmain, attended the college’s AGM and launched the initiative. “What a wonderful success story for our Indigenous community,” he says.

“It’s a testament to the importance of personal stories and encouragement, as well as the dedication and professionalism of the staff at Tranby,” says Mr Parker.

This initiative is part of the Tranby Tree campaign, a project funded by the Department of Innovation as part of Adult Learner’s Week 2013. Over 69 community meetings were held with people from the community, former students and their family and friends, and elders, Indigenous employers, government and non-government service providers across all states and territories. The campaign has generated a national dialogue with over 2,000 people about the benefits of adult education to Indigenous Australians.

Patricia Robertson recently graduated from Tranby Aboriginal College with a Diploma of Community Development. Her mother was part of the stolen generation and didn’t have the opportunity to get a formal education.

“With all the opportunities that are there now for our people, I just have to act”.



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