Transport Planning for an Environmentally Responsible Future

Several residents have emailed asking about the Greens track record on Leichhardt Council in the area of Transport planning. Jamie Parker Doorknocking Glebe - Grassroots Democracy

Leichhardt Council is planning for the future, developing Council�s first ever Integrated Transport, Parking and Accessibility Strategy which will guide the next decade of transport planning. Innovative best practice transport systems will be drawn upon and possibly adopted here in Leichhardt.</strong><br><br><a title="Jamie Parker Doorknocking Glebe - Grassroots Democracy by greensjamieparker, on Flickr" href=""><img style="margin: 1em auto; display: block;" src="5440948008_af964165a9_z.jpg" alt="Jamie Parker Doorknocking Glebe - Grassroots Democracy" width="640" height="480"></a><br><br></p>At the 2008 local government elections in Leichhardt municipality, the Greens received almost 50% of the votes cast, returning 6 of the 12 elected Councillors. The new Council did me the honour of electing me Mayor.

We Greens councillors have delivered on our promises to:

    • Improve existing paths and install new bike paths (with a ten fold increase in funding!)


    • Provide car share spaces in Council parking areas to reduce the need for car ownership


    • Significantly increase expenditure on basic transport infrastructure such as local roads, footpaths and bridges


    • Establish a climate change task force to drive carbon reductions and the use of renewable energy

As Mayor of Leichhardt council I worked closely with community groups and other Councils for years to champion extending the light rail from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill. I support further expansion into the CBD towards Circular Quay to help reduce congestion caused by car and bus traffic and speed up travel times.

I have always been an advocate for more livable cities and that means more efficient public transport.

If elected as Greens candidate for Balmain in the 2011 NSW Election it will be one of my top priorities to help the environment and make the lives of Balmain and Inner West Sydney residents easier by lobbying the State government to expand public transport services and setup a proper integrated transport and ticketing system.

Did you know that private vehicles remain the most common form of transport for local residents visiting business or shopping areas in Leichhardt? Walking is very popular with 36 per cent of residents opting to leave the car at home.

Personally I drive a Toyota Prius hybrid petrol/electric car to the many community events I attend 7 days a week. Like many residents in the area I often ride my bike to personal social events because it's healthier and there's no hassle finding parking.

Off to Community Meeting in Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

Reducing car dependency is an important aspect of the strategy as is making our suburbs �walkable�. Leichhardt borders many inner city suburbs and our strategy will be in keeping with the greater needs of the city.

Historically, residents have held strong views on transport and Council has successfully lobbied for many projects, including the Inner West Light Rail Extension and the GreenWay Corridor. Both projects will make a positive impact on our local environment and quality of life.

The ten year plan will help further identify future opportunities for the area.

Council has engaged consultants to take a bird�s eye view of the Leichhardt LGA to provide guidance and advice on the area�s future transport challenges. In recent months, many residents have informed the development of the plan sharing their views on traffic, transport, accessibility, mobility and parking in Leichhardt. The final Integrated Transport, Parking and Accessibility Strategy will be on public exhibition later this year.

Council�s transport planning has an impact on your everyday choices. Look out for the public exhibition of our first ever Integrated Transport, Parking and Accessibility Strategy in the coming months.

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