Stop the inner west tree massacre

Trees make our city more beautiful and liveable by providing clean air, reducing heat and creating habitat for wildlife. 

But this year tree canopy coverage in the Inner West Council has fallen to just 17%, below the city-wide average of 23%.

This is thanks to Labor and Liberal Councillors who have teamed up to dismantle the tree development control policy and make it easier to rip out mature, healthy trees in our local area.

New statistics show trees in Sydney’s inner west are now being chopped down at twice the rate they were two years ago and canopy cover is shrinking. This is environmental vandalism on an unprecedented scale.

Sign the petition to tell Labor and Liberal Councillors you want to protect the Inner West tree canopy. 

To Labor and Liberal Inner West Councillors 
Darcy Byrne, Sam Iskandar, Lucille McKenna, Julie Passas, Vittoria Raciti, Anna York. 

With climate change intensifying we should be planting more trees not making it easier to destroy them.

I want to you to protect the Inner West tree canopy. Please withdraw your support for the Tree Development Control Policy. 

Who's signing

Patricia Brennan
Ned Cutcher
Lawrence Walker
Steve Wheatley
Peta Manfield
Nandita Kataria
Louise Butler
Mannie De Saxe
Kim Zegenhagen
Heidi Osborne
Fiona Giles
Richard Grant
Sophia Kevans
De Brierley Newton
Alicia Jarrett
Jamie Fraser
Deniz Karamanli
Katy Johnson
Toby Ns
helen haigh
Alicia Spence
belinda piggott
Alex Kemp
Chris Burke
Peter Bishop
Jack Fahy
Michael Inhelder
Judy Schneider
ilona harsanyi
Lola Davidson

Will you sign?