Protect the Inner West tree canopy

Trees make our city more beautiful and liveable by providing cleaner air, reducing heat and creating habitat for wildlife. 

But disappointingly, Labor just struck a grubby political deal with Liberal Councillors, voting to destroy the current Inner West Council Tree Policy and allow the removal of almost any tree without Council oversight. 

The Council had developed a new Tree Policy earlier this year which returned from public consultation with over 80% approval from the community.

This Policy was gutted by a sweeping last minute amendment that will: 

  • Permit the destruction of any tree within 2m of a structure without Council permission; 
  • Allow trees to be removed in order to allow for developments; and
  • Not require property owners to replace destroyed trees on site.

In a highly dense area like the Inner West, allowing the unregulated removal of any tree within 2m of a structure permits the removal of almost all our mature trees.

Sign the petition to tell Labor and Liberal Councillors you want to protect the Inner West tree canopy. 

To Labor and Liberal Inner West Councillors 
Darcy Byrne, Sam Iskandar, Lucille McKenna, Julie Passas, Vittoria Raciti, Anna York. 

In the age of climate change we should be planting more trees not making it easier to destroy them. I want to protect the Inner West tree canopy. 

Please reconsider your support for the new Inner West Council Tree Development Policy. 

Who's signing

Janet Hutton
Laine Ellicott
Sandra Botros
Jennifer van Proctor
Michael Dolan
Marcus Annett
Maureen Qureshi
Stephen Feneley
Peggy Trompf
Susan Trousdale
Sophie Haylen
Carol Olafson
Peter Moraschi
Mozelle Moses
Jane Thompson
Janet Moore
Nicholas O'Dwyer
Samantha Thomas
Grayson Smith
Emilia Bresciani
Helen Lalas
Elisabeth Dark
Mitchell Gooley
Gordon Dyer
Claudia Hayes
Jamie Fraser
Jessica Wysser
Anne Normoyle
Karsten Hansen
Vikki Hsieh

Will you sign?

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