True hand of government revealed

FacebookAdBaysPrecinct16k3.jpgYesterday at opening of the Bays Precinct Summit – where no community members were invited – the NSW Treasurer announced that 16,000 dwellings would be built on the public lands of the Bays Precinct.

"The Treasurer has exposed the Government’s intention to hoodwink the community with bogus consultation,” said Greens MP Jamie Parker whose electorate of Balmain covers almost all 80 hectares of the Bays Precinct.

“These comments confirm what I have been saying since UrbanGrowth NSW was announced as the landholder, developer and consent authority on 17th July.

“Despite the spin and denials, it is clear the Government is determined to ignore the community and the international experts invited to this expensive and exclusive summit and hand over our precious harbour lands to developers. UrbanGrowth is will turn the Bays Precinct into a developers’ paradise sidelining the community, strategic planning and public interest.

“This announcement was made before the Summit had even begun and before we have heard a word from the international experts about what should take place in the Bays Precinct mega-project.

“We have already seen the public interest trashed in the most recent urban development at Barangaroo and it is clear this Government has not learnt any important lessons from this fiasco.

“Without a transparent, strategic and evidence-based approach the Bays Precinct will fail to deliver world-class urban renewal for Sydney, instead delivering a huge private windfall at the expense of the public,” said Mr Parker.

Read Jamie's track record on Bays Precinct

For more media comment by Jamie Parker, contact Lesa de Leau 0413 581 603

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