Commenting on reports that Premier Gladys Berejiklian is pushing ahead with unfiltered smoke stacks for WestConnex in both Iron Cove and the Rozelle Goods Yard, Jamie Parker MP for Balmain says:

“If this destructive tollway is to proceed, these toxic stacks should be filtered from day one.

“The government is simply trying to fool residents by saying that the Environment Protection Authority will be monitoring emissions from the stacks. If they really cared about the health of our community, the government would put a filtration system in before a single car passes through these tunnels.

“Air pollution related deaths in most developed countries have declined, but in Australia there was a 68% increase between 2005 and 2010 – and at least half of these deaths are due to road pollution.

“In 2008 while in opposition, Premier Berejiklian said herself that it is ‘world’s best practice’ to filter tunnels. She’s also said that Members of Parliament should ‘examine their conscience’ before allowing children to be exposed to harmful exhaust fumes.

“All the community is asking the Premier to do is take her own advice and make people’s health a priority.”

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