Bringing nature back to our creeks and canals

Creeks, canals and other small waterways are the lifeblood of our local environment, nourishing ecosystems and providing habitat for native plants and wildlife.

But old ideas about water management have seen most of the creeks and canals in the inner west paved over, turning them into eyesores that can’t sustain any plants or animals.

Now we’re campaigning to see creeks and canals in the inner west returned to a natural state. Sign the petition.

Waterway naturalisation provides so many benefits, including:

Creating habitat for native fish and reptiles

Concrete canals are an ecological wasteland that don’t support any plant or animal life. The use of natural sandstone boulders creates pockets for fish to hide and breed. These safe havens help to create a more natural ecosystem and encourage fish and other wildlife.

Sandstone is cheaper than concrete

When canals come to the end of their life, it is more efficient to replace them with sandstone rather than refit the concrete. Despite having a similar initial cost, sandstone canals can last up to 150 years, 50 years longer than the life expectancy of concrete canals, making them more cost-effective over time.

Better flood mitigation and stormwater management

Sandstone canals can be constructed to better manage stormwater and mitigate flooding.

Improved water quality

Naturalised waterways can be constructed with wetlands that use sedimentation, filtration and biological uptake processes to remove pollutants from stormwater. Wetlands also provide more habitat for native birds, fish and reptiles.

More beautiful neighbourhoods

Removing concrete eyesores and replacing them with naturalised creeks and canals with native plantings and cleaner running water creates beautiful spaces in our neighbourhoods where nature thrives. The addition of street furniture and interpretive signs can help to make our creeks a destination in the local community.

Please support our petition to return the inner west’s creeks and canals to nature by clicking here.


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