URGENT: Last chance to have your say on Rozelle Towers

The developer of the former Balmain Tigers site has submitted its final proposal to be considered by the Department of Planning. The Department will now make a recommendation to the state government Planning Assessment Commission for final approval or rejection.

I’m shocked that the developer is pushing for towers of 20 and 24 storeys (including the podium) which will massively increase traffic and suck the life out of our high street.

How it came to this

In 2008 the Labor and Liberal dominated Council opened the door to this huge development when it more than doubled the building density allowable for the site. Importantly, the former Greens-led Council (2008-2011) then took steps to reverse that decision.

Unbelievably, the new Labor Mayor Darcy Byrne has been leading the charge to reinstate the earlier massive density. Just weeks ago, the Labor Mayor voted to support the higher density however thankfully he was defeated when Councillors joined with the Greens to protect our community from overdevelopment.

We want an appropriate development and the Tigers returned

I’m a long-time supporter of the Tigers and I want to see the club returned to our community but not in the form of a towering development that will overshadow homes, destroy our high street businesses and create traffic chaos. We all welcome a development that provides a return for the developer and the community.

This is your last chance to make your voice heard and help protect the community we love

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