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Imagine being able to sit on the footpath and have a coffee on Victoria Road without being hit by fumes and noise from seven lanes of traffic.

When WestConnex opens next year, it will include a toll-free underground bypass of Victoria Road between the Iron Cove Bridge and the ANZAC Bridge that will reduce traffic along Victoria Road by 50%.

This is an opportunity to transform Victoria Road into a place for people, not just cars, by:

  • Reducing traffic lanes in both directions
  • Widening footpaths
  • Adding trees and native plantings, and
  • Adding bicycle lanes

This transformation wouldn’t just make Victoria Road safer for pedestrians and cyclists, it could make it a vibrant destination supporting local cafes, small businesses, outdoor seating and nature. 

To the Minister for Cities, Infrastructure and Active Transport: 

When the Iron Cove Link is opened, there will only be a small window of opportunity to take back some of Victoria Road for the community. Make this strip a place for people, not just cars by reducing traffic lanes, widening footpaths, and adding trees and bicycle lanes. 

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