We just secured $50m for green hydrogen

My top priority in NSW Parliament is to address the climate crisis.

Following years of advocacy, last week the government finally proposed a green energy bill which will drive the transition to renewables in NSW.

I’m delighted to report that I secured over $50 million in new funding to develop the green hydrogen energy sector in NSW as part of this new law.

After a great deal of negotiating, the green hydrogen proposal I put forward in the NSW Parliament won the support of both the Labor Opposition and the Liberal Government.

Green hydrogen uses wind and solar power to produce hydrogen from water. It is an important part of our effort to protect the climate and I’m so delighted that I was able to secure the first ever funding for this renewable technology in NSW.

Beyond this significant win, we have been working across the parliament and with environmental groups to make the green energy scheme that's been proposed fairer, quicker and more effective. 

It is now the most ambitious clean energy plan in the country.

NSW Parliament has gone into special extended sittings this week and we will sit for as long as it takes to make sure this Bill becomes law. 

I’ll keep pushing, every day, to make sure governments recognise they have to act to address the climate emergency.

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Published 25 November 2020

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