We won! Community campaign saves Glebe Youth Service from sell-off

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Glebe Youth Service will return to its home on Glebe Point Road by mid-February, following a successful community campaign to defend the building from being sold off by the NSW government.

Greens MP Jamie Parker paid tribute to the hundreds of community members who rallied behind the service and refused to concede to the government’s privatisation agenda.

“This is truly a testimony to the power of community campaigning – the government was forced to listen to the hundreds of people who signed petitions, attended the rally and wrote messages of support for the Glebe Youth Service,” Mr Parker said.

“This community joined together to show the NSW Liberal government that we will not allow them to close down this vital service and sell the building off to the highest bidder.

“We called on the Minister and the government to guarantee the building would not be sold and would continue to be used for the youth of Glebe, particularly for the local Aboriginal community.

“GYS has been delivering invaluable programs for 28 years and I was determined to ensure its return to Glebe Point Road, where it has become an important hub dedicated to delivering services for the community.

“I’m grateful to the staff of the Land and Housing Corporation and Housing NSW who met with us a number of times, listened to our concerns and acknowledged the value of GYS.

“The closure seriously impacted the community, removing vital services without notice or consultation.

“We need to remain vigilant to the Liberal government’s privatisation agenda - the former Labor government underfunded public housing and allowed it to fall into disrepair and now the Liberals are looking for excuses to sell it off,” Mr Parker said.

Glebe Youth Service (GYS) has delivered vital services to the community for decades but was recently locked out of its building following claims by the Land and Housing Corporation of fire and safety issues. There were strong concerns the Service would not be returned to the building and that it would instead be sold off as prime real estate.

Hundreds rallied in support of GYS and called on Minister Goward and the Liberal government to return Glebe Youth Service to its home at 84 Glebe Point Road.

On Christmas Eve, the Land and Housing Corporation and Housing NSW confirmed they were working on a proposal to return the Glebe Youth Service to 84 Glebe Point Road by mid-February 2014.

Media contact: Alison Martin 0432 941 533 or 9660 7586

Read the announcement from Glebe Youth Service

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