Welcome to Sydney: Have A Nice Delay (SMH)

The cruise ship industry has confirmed residents' fears that hundreds of passengers will arrive in the middle of morning peak hour on the Anzac Bridge several times a week, if the state government proceeds with its decision to move the cruise ship terminal to White Bay

Carnival Australia, which represents the booming cruise ship industry, said new berthing facilities on the western side of the Harbour Bridge are necessary, but should remain at Darling Harbour or Barangaroo. That view is backed by the City of Sydney, Leichhardt Council, the National Trust, residents' groups and opposition MPs.

The government's plan to build an access road along the foreshore to link to Victoria Road will not reduce traffic, noise from docked ships will inevitably affect residents, and the terminal could cost taxpayers double the $30 million the government claims, according to Carnival Australia's submission to the Department of Planning, obtained by the Herald.
The Leichhardt mayor, Jamie Parker, said building an access road along the White Bay foreshore contradicted a decade of urban planning with a priority on opening up waterfront land to the public. ''The whole process has been totally shambolic, and this DA is a huge wasted opportunity,'' he said.

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