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MEDIA RELEASE – March 3, 2016
JLeong_and_JParker_with_1427_submissions_small.jpgCommenting on the impending release of details of two new motorway interchanges, Greens MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker, said the impact of WestConnex on the inner west communities was unacceptable and needs to be halted.

“Local residents in Camperdown and Rozelle are anxious that their homes may be acquired or that they will be forced to live adjacent to massive roads and polluting exhaust stacks,” said Mr Parker.

“Anyone who is familiar with the Rozelle goods yards knows it represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for new sporting fields for our kids, other recreation facilities, and appropriate and sensitive revitalisation. The idea that WestConnex will smash these opportunities and replace it with concrete, toxic fumes and 24/7 noise is utterly retrograde.

“WestConnex will pave a path of devastation through the inner west and fleece the people of Western Sydney with heavy tolls.

“This tollway will destroy homes, parkland, public finances and air quality for a travel saving of less than ten minutes. The Liberal State Government needs to put a halt to this project and instead invest in world class public transport.

“It is important that Labor also repudiates their support for these major toll  projects and not simply criticise the process.

“It is not acceptable that WestConnex will also facilitate the Wester Harbour tunnel under the Balmain peninsular to Lane Cove and impose an exhaust stack in the high density residential suburb of Balmain.

“This is not the way to make our city more liveable,” said Mr Parker.

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For further comment from Jamie Parker: 0413581603 (Lesa de Leau)

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