Westconnex will pave a heavy tollway that will destroy the Inner West and fleece the people of Western Sydney along with their homes, parkland, public finances and air quality for a travel saving of less than ten minutes. The Liberal State Government needs to put a halt to this project and instead invest in world class public transport.

Jamie believes it is not acceptable that WestConnex will facilitate the Western Harbour tunnel under the Balmain Peninsula to Lane Cove and impose an exhaust stack in the high density residential suburb of Balmain.

Local residents in Camperdown and Rozelle are anxious that their homes may be acquired or that they will be forced to live adjacent to massive roads and polluting exhaust stacks.

Anyone who is familiar with the Rozelle goods yards knows it represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for new sporting fields for our kids, other recreation facilities, and appropriate and sensitive revitalisation. The idea that WestConnex will smash these opportunities and replace it with concrete, toxic fumes and 24/7 noise is utterly retrograde.

We must ensure Sydney is protected from bad planning by private developers concerned only with their profit, rather than providing NSW with what it needs. 

We are campaigning to stop WestConnex because:

  • It will lead to more traffic congestion, not less.
  • It will be a massive contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, while destroying important habitat and greenspace.
  • It will have devastating impacts on our local communities and local amenities.
  • It is shrouded in secrecy and lacks accountability
  • It comes with no real evaluation of alternative options such as world class public transport.

Simply, it is a colossal waste of money, which won't solve Sydney's traffic problems, but will destroy the fabric of our city.

Jamie is determined to stop WestConnex, and instead support projects such as:

  • An Inner West Light Rail Link heading up Parramatta Road, connecting the CBD to the Inner West
  • The proposed Western Sydney Light Rail Network, which would connect Parramatta CBD to regional employment hubs such as Macquarie Park and Castle Hill
  • Buying back the Airport Link from the private operator and slashing the Station Access Fee, which will take thousands off the road
  • Investing in park-and-ride facilities at major train stations to encourage and divert thousands of commuters off the major roads and onto the public transport system as they commute into the city
  • Integrating the cycleways for the West and Inner West of Sydney.

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