The WestConnex tollroad will have a significant impact on the inner west, including the demolition of scores of homes and businesses, reduced air quality, increased local traffic - and it is simply incompatible with making communities more liveable. 

This massive, expensive tollroad will rob NSW of much needed funds for public transport and lock Sydney into more car dependency for decades to come. 

There are a number of alternative projects that will dramatically reduce reduce road traffic, particularly during peak periods. See www.westconnex.info for more detailed information. 

Despite the huge $15.4 billion price tag, the Liberal State Government still refuses to release the WestConnex business case. The Government has been captured by the illusion that building more roads will 'solve' the traffic problem. 

In fact, building more roads encourages more car use and new roads quickly fill to capacity. It is not a long-term solution. 

The re-introduction of tolls on the M4 will drive more traffic on to Parramatta and Victoria Roads. The WestConnex is likely to short-change the people of western Sydney who live with poor public transport alternatives. 

I encourage you to make your voice heard by completing the submission below before 2pm Monday 2 November 2015

Yours sincerely

 Jamie Parker MP


Jamie Parker MP

Director, Major Project Assessments
Department of Planning
GPO Box 39
SYDNEY   NSW   2001

Submission: WestConnex M4 East Environmental Impact Statement (SSI 6307)

I write to express my strong objection to the WestConnex M4 East motorway proposal.

Global experience on experience of tollroad construction has demonstrated conclusively that these projects are enormously expensive and counter-productive. This tollroad will increase air pollution and encourage more car use, quickly filling the increased road capacity. It is not a long-term solution to Sydney's congestion problem. 

The fact that the State Government has already signed multi-billion dollar contracts for WestConnex before this EIS was even placed on public exhibition undermines community confidence that this is a genuine consultation process.

I object to this proposal as it:

  • Fails to provide a long term solution to traffic and congestion.
  • Robs the limited NSW budget of funds to invest in much needed public transport.
  • Will direct additional traffic into already heavily congested streets, like Parramatta and Victoria Roads.
  • Requires the demolition and compulsory acquisition of hundreds of homes.
  • Fails to compare this project against alternative public transport projects.
  • Is not justified by any publicly-released business case. 

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  • Olivia Lynch
    signed 2019-09-11 11:03:53 +1000
    Why build roads around the best part of the city being the foreshore
  • Jennifer Carleton
    signed 2016-04-19 15:14:01 +1000
  • Clare Burgess
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-11-10 11:21:11 +1100
    Worried about Westconnex? Make a submission here!
  • Clare Burgess
    @musicinmybones tweeted link to this page. 2015-11-10 11:21:07 +1100
    Worried about Westconnex? Make a submission here! http://www.jamieparker.org/westconnex_submission?recruiter_id=160658
  • Cole Burgess
    signed 2015-11-10 11:20:29 +1100
  • Luigi Staiano
    signed 2015-11-08 17:21:48 +1100
    We live close to Parramatta Road and not far from where it is proposed to have entry and exit points at near Ashfield park. We are very concerned about the additional traffic being offloaded here and filtering into the residential streets. The material published on WestConnex does not provide details of impact nor any details of where exhaust points will be locate . We strongly object to a project that has not even had a business case published and scrutinised before it can commence. We say no to WestConnex and encourage proper resource be allocated to public transport such as light rail on Parrammatta road and a vision of Sydney with a wider metro system .
  • Lucy Johnston
    signed 2015-11-05 23:50:38 +1100
    I strongly oppose the WestConnex, particularly due to the future effect it will have on Annandale. It is terrible that obscene amounts of money are going towards this project when money should really be spent on decongesting our roads and reducing environmental pollution through much more constructive means such as improved public transport. STOP THE WESTCONNEX!!!!
  • Jane Michael
    signed 2015-11-04 19:59:59 +1100
    Use the money to improve public transport, significant improvement in the system is required.
  • Pristine Ong
    signed 2015-11-04 13:23:25 +1100
  • Marilyn Hadfield
    signed 2015-11-04 12:35:29 +1100
    I am also concerned that the lack of transparency is damaging democratic processes and may make corruption more possible.
  • Mlane Field
    signed 2015-11-04 10:44:31 +1100
    Having recently spent time in Brisbane , a city that has in recent years put in a large network of tunnels and tollways, I am utterly convinced of the failure of this to reduce traffic on roads. I spent ridiculous amounts of time sitting in traffic at 10:30 in the mornings in Brisbane on major roads. Gympie rd was worse than Parramatta rd! The only tunnel I support is one with a train line! More money spent on public transport and less on tollways for cars. It’s pretty obvious really.
  • Rita Barrett
    signed 2015-11-03 17:12:04 +1100
    We need a massive injection into public transport not roads.
  • Elisabeth Dark
    signed via 2015-11-03 06:06:03 +1100
  • Anna Keohan
    signed 2015-11-03 00:26:07 +1100
    I strongly object to the Westconnex proposal. I fully endorse as my own personal opinion the wording of the prepared message – and as such, I request that my submission be assessed as an independent personal submission.
  • Dinah Berlin
    signed 2015-11-02 22:41:41 +1100
    The money to build the westconnex should be used to improve public transport.
  • Bronwyn Monro
    signed 2015-11-02 21:53:27 +1100
    We need improvements in public transport. I travel through the area near Bunnings/Parramatta Road regularly to pick up grandchildren, go shopping, and visit friends. There is significant congestion already in this spot.With the planned Urban Consolidation projects the traffic will only get heavier in this area.
  • Michael Hilliard
    signed 2015-11-02 19:15:36 +1100
  • Catherine Carpenter
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-11-02 18:13:17 +1100
    Worried about Westconnex? Make a submission here!
  • Catherine Carpenter
    signed 2015-11-02 18:12:15 +1100
    “Tunnels are bad for the environment.” My nine year old daughter.
  • Sally Wilson
    signed 2015-11-02 18:10:48 +1100
  • Lauren Neko
    signed 2015-11-02 17:50:10 +1100
  • Heidi Winter
    signed 2015-11-02 17:13:14 +1100
  • Mariea Fisher
    signed 2015-11-02 16:50:42 +1100
    Traffic will also increase even more on roads like Booth Street in Annandale/Camperdown as more people detour from Parramatta Road, and surrounding suburbs. This section of the street is already dangerous with bumper to bumper traffic every day.
  • Anne King
    signed 2015-11-02 16:42:45 +1100
    The West connex is an unnecesarily grand road project that history shows does NOT improve traffic congestion, creating new problems where public transport is the main answer.

    The bottleneck on Parramatta road bwn Strathfield and Haberfiled does require a solution but the grand Westconnex is not it.

    I also do not support the premise of Sydney as a global city with limitless population growth – perhaps a politician or policy maker might like to democratically seek its citizens opinions on such matters and have a genuinely informed debate rather than continue to impose its elite conclusions operating inside a narrow set of unimaginative and lazy parameters
  • Adam Taylor
    published this page in Petitions 2015-11-02 16:27:39 +1100
  • William Evans
    signed via 2015-11-02 13:54:55 +1100
  • Wendy Bacon
    signed 2015-11-02 13:41:02 +1100
    Please acknowledge receipt of this submission. I will be submitting one or more longer submissions including a lot of material and ideas that have been submitted to the People’s M4 EIS at m4eis.org. Lack of transparency and conflict of interests for AECOM, the company responsible for doing the EIS,are serious issues. Independent council and other experts are pointing out serious flaws in their work.

    I reject this EIS which has many flaws. One of the parts of the EIS that concerns me most is the lack of analysis of alternatives. Alternatives such as more public transport and demand management are cursorily disposed of – there is no analysis of what might be achieved through combinations of alternatives. Given the rejection of the project by independent transport planners, the sections should have been undertaken by independent experts who did not have a stake in the project.

    The Department has not allowed nearly enough time for this EIS consultation. It is shocking to think that a project could be approved without any transparent business case. We know from statements made in Federal parliament that the Business case was still not complete in October 2015. The public is carrying all the risk in this project and if it fails, people who are young now will be expected to carry the cost over decades.

    Before any further EISs are approved, there should proper Gateway reviews and hearings into why the governance of Westconnex has been so shoddy. See what the NSW auditor General had to say about the project. Transport Economic Lyall Kennedy has provided lots of quotes from his scathing assessment in


    The Baird government has never properly responded to this audit – instead it has ploughed irresponsibly on squandering public money on a project that will not solve Sydney’s traffic congestion and will squander funds that could have been spent on Western Sydney public transport.

    I find this function of being able to update your comments a very handy one.

    I have received a letter from the Department of Planning stating that all submissions will be rigorously assessed.

    There are many problems with the EIS that have been pushed off to the more detailed design stage when there is even less transparency. I reject the idea that problems with the EIS should be turned into conditions for the project. You only have to look at problems with asbestos currently existing along the M4 widening to know how inadequate conditions are when it comes to protecting residents. The protection of habitat of the Green and Golden Bell Frog was supposed to be a condition of the existing M5 and now Westconnex proposes to trash a large slice of this habitat.

    Transport planner Chris Standon has identified 49 issues with the AECOM traffic and transport reports that need responses. Ashfield Council has identified a number of areas in which the the EIS has failed to meet the basic Secretary’s requirements.

    I have been told by the Department of Planning that it will rigorously respond to ALL submissions. We will track this process closely. .
  • Allan Kessler
    signed via 2015-11-02 13:30:51 +1100
  • Mary Wark
    signed via 2015-11-02 13:19:23 +1100
  • Fiona Strain
    signed via 2015-11-02 13:12:15 +1100
    I feel we are being bulldozed into accepting this tollroad, that the construction is going to favour large multinational construction firms to the detriment of local community.

    It will create ongoing health issues, with unfiltered stacks and exits concentrating toxic fumes on homes and schools. It will decimate the character of the city we love. There needs to be a massive re-think of transport options, particularly with the new Badgery’s Creek airport now in the mix, which this road does nothing to serve.

    People are happy to take public transport-please use the funds to build better train, bus, light rail and bicycle options!!!