What can be done about Parramatta Road?

Using Parramatta Road could be as easy as settling in to check emails or read a book in a comfortable rail carriage. 

Imagine going to a work appointment or a night out with the family and knowing you'll arrive fast, on time and without stress.

Parramatta Road - and the need for a solid plan to rejuvenate it - has been back in the news again recently with the release of the latest plan to rescue it.

At the moment, a staggering three million cars use Parramatta Road each year. But sitting in a traffic jam or on a gridlocked bus staring at boarded up shop fronts and dusty pavements can be a thing of the past.

Light rail can provide fast, reliable and environmentally sustainable transport. Compared with alternatives, it's cheap and fast to build.

A tram line can carry 7,500 people an hour, compared with a traffic lane that can carry fewer than 2,000. Light rail is also more effective than buses in moving large numbers of commuters, without the noise impacts and pollution. Anyone who has stood on Parramatta Road will tell you that the noise of buses is one of the factors that makes it so unliveable and so unworkable for businesses.

As Parliament returns next week, I'll be taking the voice of our community to the government, calling on them to take action to improve our neighbourhoods and our whole city. 

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