Stop Western Harbour Tunnel trashing our harbour

The government is planning to dig up thousands of tonnes of toxic sludge from the bed of Sydney Harbour just off Yurulbin Point in Birchgrove to build the Western Harbour Tunnel.

If this contaminated sediment is disturbed, marine biologists have warned it is likely to pollute the harbour and threaten up to 70 precious marine species including seahorses, sea dragons, dolphins, little penguins and seagrasses.

Harbour pollution could also force the temporary closure of Dawn Fraser Baths and construction will see Yurulbin Park and the Birchgrove Ferry Wharf closed.

All this can be avoided if the government abandons the immersed tube design for the Western Harbour Tunnel and instead continues to bore underground off Yurulbin Point.  

You can read more about the risks of the immersed tube tunnel option here.

Sign the petition to tell the Minister for Metropolitan roads that our harbour deserves to be protected.

To the Minister for Metropolitan Roads –

I strongly oppose the use of an immersed tunnel tube for the construction of the Western Harbour Tunnel. Continuing to tunnel deeply through the bedrock will minimise the impacts on our harbour, protect our marine life and see Birchgrove Ferry Wharf and Yurulbin Park remain open.

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