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Shore_power_petition_square.jpgMarch 7, 2016
It is five months since the low sulfur fuel regulation was introduced for cruise ships berthed in Sydney Harbour.

Whilst there has been some improvement in air quality as a result, residents living close to the White Bay Cruise Terminal [WBCT] continue to report significant health and amenity impacts.

Even with summer behind us, WBCT will continue to be busy. Eight ships are scheduled to berth in March, including two overnight stays; 10 ships in April; and 11 in May.  

You can help convince the Government to act in the public's interest - sign and share the petition

It is now one year since the NSW parliamentary inquiry into the performance of the Environmental Protection Authority delivered its report. The committee wrote that it considered the decision of the previous Government to relocate the cruise terminal from Barangaroo to White Bay was a “serious error”.

You would also be aware the committee recommended that -

cruise ship operators using the White Bay Terminal develop noise mitigation strategies and that noise be monitored and limits be enforced, and that the White Bay Terminal be retrofitted to include shore to ship power.

Notwithstanding the failures of the previous Government during the planning and assessment stages – which were criticised by the multi-party committee – we must keep the pressure on this Government to address the unacceptable health burden that has been imposed on the community and commit to urgently retrofit WBCT with shore power.

Jamie_Parker_question_on_White_Bay.pngLast Thursday in Parliament I stood up again for Balmain residents and questioned the Government about when shore power will be introduced: you can watch the video by clicking image or read the Hansard here. 

It is clear that we need to do a whole lot more to make the Government take the right steps and without further delay. So I am asking you to support our campaign for shore to ship power at WBCT.

What can you do to help?
Download this petition, print a couple of pages and collect ten or more signatures. Send it back to me (use Reply Paid 84125 Glebe 2037 and you won't need a stamp) and I'll put the petition before Parliament. The Minister will need to respond if there are more than 500 signatures.

UrbanGrowth NSW is pushing ahead with transformation of the White Bay Power Station as part of the Bays Precinct urban renewal project, so now is a crucial time to demonstrate the community’s demand for the introduction of shore power at the adjacent cruise terminal.

WBCT  and White Bay Power Station are two of UrbanGrowth NSW “destinations” which they control so please contact UrbanGrowth NSW and tell them they need to support shore to ship power! 

UrbanGrowth NSW
Phone 1800 664 939
Email [email protected]
Facebook facebook.com/thebayssydney
Twitter twitter.com/thebayssydney

We have made progress but we still need to push the government further.  

Read more about Jamie's work on this issue here




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