Why I am Fighting for a Metre

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You may have seen the distressing news about another terrible accident involving cyclists being hit by a 4WD in Sydney last week.

New South Wales is the most dangerous state for cyclists, with an average of 35 cyclists killed and more than 9,500 seriously injured on our roads each year. We need to act urgently and comprehensively to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect cyclists, yet the government seems to be ignoring the issue.

Last year I gave notice of a Bill to require a minimum overtaking distance of one metre when vehicles pass cyclists. NSW guidelines already recommend a minimum of 1 metre passing distance but we need to change the law so that it is legally enforceable.
I gave another speech on this critical issue this week in Parliament. Watch it below or read the transcript HERE

I have worked closely with the Amy Gillett Foundation to prepare the Bill and have met with government department representatives to discuss it. I’ve also raised this issue directly with the Minister.

Despite the alarming rate of cyclist deaths and injuries, the government is refusing to act. I need your help to put pressure on the government to support my Bill for a legally enforceable minimum distance when passing cyclists. 

Add your voice to this important campaign by signing my petition and sharing with your friends:

Bicycle riders are physically vulnerable and need to be protected – we should be encouraging cyclists and ensuring they are safe.
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PS Can you help us build support for this campaign by forwarding this email and sharing the petition on Facebook and Twitter?



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