Save women’s refuges

Can you help? We need 10,000 signatures. 

Following the NSW Government's reforms to how vital women's services are funded, many women's refuges are at risk of closure or of being taken over by large, often religious, organisations. 

These reforms will undo 40 years of hard work, which has shown us that services run for women by women are the most effective.

Women make a difficult and dangerous decision in seeking to flee an abusive relationship. A woman and her children are most physically vulnerable to harm when the decision is made to leave a violent partner. It is vital that women feel they are going to a safe place.

We are working with SOS Women's Services to gain signatures on a petition I will present to Parliament. Due to Parliamentary rules, the signatures must be original and in hardcopy.

Can you help? We need 10,000 signatures.

Please download the petition here and get your workmates, friends and family to sign.


You can read my post about the impact of these closures here.

SOS Women’s Services - a coalition of women and women’s services – has an online petition supporting continued funding for women’s homelessness services in NSW here.

And read some recent media on the issue here.

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