Your support can save the Annandale: Community urged to turn up to a gig or to Pub Cha on Save Live Music Saturday

Community support can save live music at the Annandale Hotel, State MP Jamie Parker said following a meeting with the receivers in which he discussed an action plan to save the venue.

"Our petition let the receivers know loud and clear the huge level of community support to retain live music at the Annandale,” Mr Parker said.

“I'm calling on live music supporters to build on this momentum by encouraging friends to sign the petition and also by showing up in person,” Mr Parker said.

"We need people to turn up to gigs or come to Pub Cha for dumplings. I’m urging supporters to come to the Annandale on Saturday the 23rd of March to join me for Pub Cha from 11am or for the gig from 8pm.

 "A thriving live music venue contributes far more to a community than a pokie den and I will continue to work with Council as well as local pubs, cafes and restaurants to support local musicians and improve the viability of live music venues.

"I wanted to personally meet with the receivers to highlight the widespread support for live music in the community and to ensure I am doing everything I can to save this iconic local institution.

 “I'm committed to fighting to keep live music at the Annandale for the long term.

“I have written to the Council and spoken to the Mayor to ask them to review the Council regulations on the venue, including operating hours.

"I have also raised the matter with the Minister for Hospitality and Racing and will invite him to join me for Pub Cha on Save Live Music Saturday to talk about live music and small bars in the Inner West,” Mr Parker said.

Save Live Music Saturday at the Annandale:

Saturday 23 March 2013

11am Pub Cha

8pm The Angels - take it to the streets tour

Mr Parker and Leichhardt Councillor Daniel Kogoy have received strong support for the petition to save live music at the Annandale - sign the petition here: 

Book tickets to The Angels - take it to the streets tour here:

More information: Alison Martin 9230 2803 or 0432 941 533


February 26, 2013 at 12pm

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