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Media Release: Inner west transport link must be retained: Greens

Glebe Island Bridge must be retained as an important transport link between the Inner West and the CBD, Greens MPs said today in response to the release of the Transport for NSW analysis which suggested it should be torn down.

Greens NSW Transport spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC said:

“Rather than tearing down perfectly good infrastructure, like the Glebe Island Bridge, the O’Farrell Government should be using modern concepts such as adaptive reuse which have environmental, social and economic benefits.

“While other great cities like New York have recycled disused freight rail lines and created a public park, our government is not even looking into options for sustainable reuse.

“We have an ideal opportunity to improve light rail and cycleway connections by reusing an existing piece of infrastructure,” Dr Faruqi said.

Member for Balmain Jamie Parker said:

“The bridge provides an important transport connection to the CBD and should be utilised for light rail, cycleways and pedestrian access, thereby reducing pollution and easing congestion on our roads.

“This government needs to rethink its priorities: instead of tearing down vital transport links and directing funds to more mega tollways, we should be investing in public transport and making it easier for people to cycle and walk to work.

“Billions of taxpayer dollars are being directed to WestConnex, generating a fortune for roads developers and big banks by privatising our roads and turning them into tollways, yet the government is still failing to properly invest in public transport.

“An active transport corridor along this Bridge could connect with the Greens’ Inner West light rail plan, which expands the light rail network to Balmain, along Parramatta road and to Parramatta CBD.

“This report ignores the great opportunity of using this bridge to connect the CBD to the White Bay precinct, which is currently being developed as a tourism and commercial hub and is in need of improved transport links. 

“The Greens’ plan is to create a more liveable Sydney by building new public transport services – trains, buses and light rail – and safe bicycle and pedestrian routes,” Mr Parker said.

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