Support new anti-corruption laws

Over decades, successive Liberal and Labor governments have passed hundreds of laws making clear criminal penalties for a range of criminal conduct. One area of law they have failed to address is corruption.

In NSW, corruption, bribery and misconduct crimes are still primarily governed by old common law offences. 

My Crimes Amendment (Misconduct in Public Office and Other Matters) Bill 2018 will finally create new, modern criminal offences that capture corrupt conduct including: 

  • Bribing public officials
  • Public officials accepting bribes
  • Public officials misusing information obtained in an official capacity
  • Public officials engaging in official conduct for dishonest purposes
  • Public officials acting in matters in which they have a financial interest
  • Conspiring to dishonestly obtain a benefit from, or to defraud, public authorities or public officials.

The Bill was developed based on suggestions from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) that had previously been ignored by government.

You can read the Bill in full here or a short briefing here

Sign our petition to ask the Premier to support this Bill and finally create new, modern criminal offences that capture corrupt conduct. 


Dear Premier, 

Corruption should be a legislated offence in NSW. Please support the Crimes Amendment (Misconduct in Public Office and Other Matters) Bill 2018 to finally make corruption a legislated offence in this state. 

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