Satellite imagery reveals damage from road tunnelling far greater than government claims

Media Release: Greens announce $22m for Callan Park

Media Release: Noise breaches underpin need for shore to ship power

Jamie Parker MP has revealed that six cruise ships have been issued with noise warning notices at White Bay Cruise Terminal since the government introduced its Noise Attenuation Strategy in October 2018. One ship has forfeited their $11,000 ‘good neighbour’ bond.


Media Release: Greens call for urgent corruption laws

Jamie Parker MP, the NSW Greens anti-corruption spokesperson says that the quashing of Ian Macdonald and John Maitland’s convictions today demonstrates just how complex it is to prosecute crimes of corruption, bribery and misconduct in NSW.


WestConnex Stage 3a Update

Labor’s plan to turn Callan Park into a glorified shopping centre

340 residents turn out against WestConnex

Thank you to all the residents who attended our public meeting on WestConnex Stage 3a on Saturday. 

We had an astounding 340 locals turn out on the day. This sends a powerful message to the government and NSW Labor that our community doesn't want this destructive toll-road. 

Standing up against Fish Markets overdevelopment

High Court decision a blow for Berejiklian and a win for unions, workers and democracy

Dawn Fraser baths saved by $2.2m grant

Win on Sirius sell-off

Parliamentary Inquiry Recommendations expose WestConnex debacle

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