Jamie's Track Record

Jamie has been a strong independent voice in the middle of Parliament standing up for what matters. Working with the community, Jamie has: 

Saved the Powerhouse 

After the NSW Government announced a plan to relocate the Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo, we have built a powerful alliance to defend the Powerhouse, promote arts and culture, and protect Sydney’s heritage. This campaign culminated in a commitment to keep the Powerhouse in Ultimo and a $500 million commitment to restore the institution. 

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Secured $14m to restore Callan Park 

Callan Park has suffered demolition by neglect from successive Labor and Liberal Governments. We successfully secured $14 million worth of major improvement works that will transform Callan Park. This is the first time in 20 years that either a Labor or Liberal government is committing to giving something to Callan Park rather than taking something away. 

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30 electric buses for inner west

We need to deliver more local solutions to climate change especially public transport. After securing a first of its kind trial of four electric buses in the inner west, we collected over 3,000 signatures in support of converting the entire bus fleet to electric. We won this campaign along and a commitment that the first 30 electric buses will be rolled out in the inner west. 

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$4.75m for upgrades to local parks

Our community won $4.75 million in funding to fix Cahill Reserve in Annandale, improve the Bay Run and build a new park for Ashfield. This win follows a significant community-led campaign across our local area to push the government to fund much-needed improvements to parks and open space across our local area.

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In parliament 

Jamie and the Greens have won over 70 amendments, strengthening new laws for mental health, marine parks,
anti-corruption and heritage protection.

In parliament Jamie has voted to:
✔ Establish a Great Koala National Park
Protect LGBTIQ+ people from discrimination in schools
End no grounds evictions for renters
✔ Establish safe access zones around women’s health centres
✔ Introduce new anti-corruption laws
✔ Reject legislation giving more public money to greyhound racing

In the community 

Working with the community, Jamie has delivered:
✔ $50 million in funding for green hydrogen in NSW
✔ $2.2 million in funding to restore Dawn Fraser Baths
✔ New regulatory requirements for the use of low sulphur fuel in cruise ships
(0.1% or less) by cruise ships in Sydney Harbour
✔ A new ferry service for Glebe
✔ A new public school for Ultimo
✔A parliamentary inquiry into WestConnex
✔ $12m in funding for new and upgraded ferry wharves
Extension of the light rail from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill
Free travel on the light rail for school kids
✔ Saved the Glebe Youth Service from eviction
✔ Successfully negotiated with government for a free lease on additional land for Glebe PCYC
✔ Worked directly with the Attorney General to secure funding for the Women’s Family Law Court Support Service
✔ Restoration of $3m in funding cuts to local women’s refuges

Funding our local area

Jamie has delivered over $2.64 million in grant funding to community organisations, schools and sports clubs including:
✔ $1.1 million for local school P&Cs to help upgrade existing infrastructure and facilities
✔ $260,000 for sporting clubs
✔ $176,000 for local women’s support services
✔ $42,000 to support local arts initiatives
✔ $489,000 to local community services
✔ $294,000 to improve local heritage

Jamie will continue to campaign for our local area and stand up for what matters. 


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