Powerhouse Museum WIN!

The government has finally backed down from their wasteful proposal to demolish our Powerhouse Museum.

The Powerhouse will stay in Ultimo with its collection spread across two museums, including one in Western Sydney. 

Powerhouse Museum Rally 2020
Jamie Parker MP speaking at a Powerhouse rally - June 2020

Over five years of campaigning, we have built a powerful alliance to defend the Powerhouse, promote arts and culture, and protect Sydney’s heritage. 

When this move was first proposed five years ago, it had the backing of both Labor and the Liberals. This win proves that when our community works together we can achieve great things.  

Thank you to everyone who has rallied behind us. Thank you to the thousands of people who signed our petition. Thank you to all the residents who joined our rallies over the years and everyone involved in Save the Powerhouse and the Powerhouse Museum Alliance. 

While this is a huge step forward, much work lies ahead. The government won't sell-off the Ultimo site but they are sticking to their plan to destroy heritage properties in Parramatta.

I am absolutely committed to ensuring that this win marks a turning point in the way we value arts, heritage and culture in NSW. 

Announced 3 July 2020

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