Make ICAC’s funding independent

As long as this government holds the purse strings at ICAC, it has the power to curtail the corruption watchdog’s work simply by starving them of funding.



$4.75m for local parks and greenspace - Jamie Parker MP

$4.75m for local parks and greenspace

Yesterday we received news from the Minister for Planning’s office that our community has won $4.75 million in funding to fix Cahill Reserve in Annandale, improve the Bay Run and build a new park for Ashfield. 
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New tenant coming to Kirkbride - Jamie Parker MP

New tenant coming to Kirkbride

This week marks a full year since the Sydney College of the Arts vacated the Kirkbride building at Callan Park.  
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Submission to the Design and Place SEPP - Jamie Parker MP

Submission to the Design and Place SEPP

The NSW Government has developed a new Design and Place State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) as part of a broader review of all the state's SEPPs, aiming to simplify and consolidate how to deliver good design in NSW.
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Jamie Parker Jamie Parker

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Protect the Inner West's tree canopy - Jamie Parker MP

Protect the Inner West tree canopy

Trees make our city more beautiful and liveable by providing cleaner air, reducing heat and creating habitat for wildlife. 
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Save White Bay Power Station - Jamie Parker MP

Save White Bay Power Station

The White Bay Power Station could be Sydney's answer to the Tate Modern in London - but this government just announced that they want to flatten it instead.   
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Make ICAC’s funding independent  - Jamie Parker MP

Make ICAC’s funding independent

Our Independent Commission Against Corruption is one of the most effective corruption fighting organisations in the world. But in October 2019, the Chief Commissioner of the ICAC warned that the ICAC's ability to police corruption in NSW is under serious threat from funding cuts –...
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