Support EV charging stations close to home

The government has just announced an electric vehicle (EV) strategy that will make electric cars cheaper to buy and easier to recharge in NSW. 

This is great news, but here's the catch: their plan will rely on most people being able to charge their vehicles at home in the garage. As many properties in the inner west don’t have any off-street parking, it isn't always easy to charge an electric car overnight at home.

The government has promised public charging ‘hubs’ every 5km along main roads. But with charging points already at Broadway and the Tramsheds, our community might not qualify for a single new charging point under this scheme.

Like with the car share model which sets aside on-street parking for shared cars, this technology will only work if charging points are common and local. 

Sign the petition to tell the Minister for the Environment that we want more EV charging points so we can plug in close to home. 

Dear Matt Kean, Minister for the Environment –

The inner west is ready for the electric car revolution. But to make EVs work in our community, we need to be able to plug in on the street and close to home not just in large shopping centres.

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