Support a new park in the heart of Balmain

Parks provide trees, open space and a place to relax.

While Councils across Sydney are investing in more open space, the Inner West Council has proposed to sell-off a number of Council-owned sites including the Balmain Depot.

If Council doesn’t need this Depot they should re-purpose it for community use rather than selling it off.

Transforming this site into a public park would create a new public open green space the size of 15 tennis courts and could allow more space for the Balmain Library and childcare centre.

But if this land is privatised now, it will be gone forever.

Sign the petition to tell Council our community wants a new park, not another high-rise residential development in Balmain.

To Labor and Liberal Inner West Councillors -
The inner west already has one of the lowest proportions of public open space per person in all of Sydney.
I urge you to reconsider your plan to sell-off the Balmain Depot and make it a park for our community instead.

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Metin Tokcan
Edward Lloyd
Sarah Shields
Olivia Haigh
Kieran Franklin
Yulia Lai
Thomas Angelo
Wendy Swift
Amy Simpson
Beulah Warren
Serge Martich-Osterman
Patricia Lyon
Leslie Johnston
Laura Dinneen
Robin Bradley
Robyn Bradley
Fran Gale
Benjamin Marks
Anne-Marie Whelan
Belinda Cochrane
Nicole Wedgwood
Bruce Daglish
Joanne Tuscano
Anthony Shadie
Ross Scott
Carole Needham
Catherine Bateson
Jacqueline Marks
Heena Chakravorti

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