Ashfield Council caught out mishandling McDonald's noise complaints

Ashfield Council has been caught out refusing to accept responsibility for regulating overnight construction noise at the new Haberfield McDonald's.

Greens MP Jamie Parker has made numerous queries and representations advocating on behalf of distraught residents who complained numerous times to Council and were advised it wasn't the Council's responsibility.

"Residents feel completely unsupported and ignored by Ashfield Council, which has continually refused to accept regulatory responsibility for this highly disruptive overnight construction noise.

"Despite receiving a number of complaints, Ashfield Council continually failed to act on behalf of residents and instead attempted to shift responsibility to another agency.

"This is a basic Council responsibility and it's simply not good enough to claim ignorance.

"It was only after the work had been completed that the Council finally accepted it was responsible for responding to and managing any noise concerns associated with the construction.

"Considering the controversy surrounding the construction of this unnecessary McDonalds, this further undermines community confidence in approval processes and construction regulation.

"This demonstrates Ashfield Council's complete incompetence and a lack of leadership on the part of the Councillors and Mayor. The residents of Haberfield deserve better representation, including a Council which stands up for their rights rather than fobbing them off to other agencies.

"The construction noise has been a major ongoing issue and exasperated residents have been continually ignored by the Council and redirected around the government bureaucracy," Mr Parker said.

More information: Alison Martin 9660 7586 or 0432 941 533

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