MEDIA RELEASE - October 27, 2015
The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is again under fire from right wing elements within the Liberal Government who seem determined to weaken the Commission’s ability to fight corruption. 

Commenting on Tuesday’s SMH report that Liberal MP Damien Tudehope will instigate a parliamentary inquiry into ICAC’s powers, Greens MP Jamie Parker said it was just another blatant attempt to curb the effectiveness of the corruption watchdog.

“It is less than three months since the Premier heralded the Independent Panel’s report into ICAC’s powers. It is remarkable that Mr Tudehope appears to be saying that former High Court chief justice Murray Gleeson and senior barrister Bruce McClintock got it wrong,” said Mr Parker, Member for Balmain and Greens spokesperson on anti-corruption.

“In highlighting the differences between ICAC findings of corruption and subsequent criminal prosecutions, the independent panel considered “the fundamental distinction between an ICAC investigation and its function and the criminal justice system”.

“In the report (section 12.2.12 on page 77) the independent panel clearly says it “does not recommend any legislative change in relation to this matter.

“ICAC has been given coercive powers to carry out the particular job of fighting corruption in this State. Numerous reports into ICAC’s powers have provided explanations for the understandable difference between findings of corruption and criminal prosecutions.

“If the Premier has any credibility he should back his own independent panel and stop impeding the important work of the ICAC with yet another inquiry. Mr Baird needs to stand against these moves to publically discredit ICAC and strip it of critical corruption fighting powers,” said Mr Parker.


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