Secure the future of Callan Park

Callan Park is the inner west's largest piece of greenspace and it needs to be protected. 

For 20 years I’ve worked alongside the community to successfully defend Callan Park from development.

We’ve made progress, defeating development proposals by Labor governments and winning a commitment from the Liberal government not to sell off the site. But that’s not enough. 

Labor and the Liberals have shown they can’t be trusted to protect this site.

It’s time to secure the future of Callan Park by establishing a fully funded Callan Park Trust to restore heritage buildings, maintain the grounds and restore the site as a centre for wellness.

I'm committed to protecting Callan Park from commercialisation, overdevelopment and sell-off. Check out more news on Callan Park here

Tell the Premier you want to secure the future of Callan Park once and for all. 

Dear Premier, 

Successive Labor and Liberal governments have attempted to sell off, develop and commercialise Callan Park. Please secure the future of Callan Park once and for all by supporting Jamie Parker's plan for a fully funded Callan Park Trust. 

Who's signing

Jessica Wysser
Elise Robinson
Ann Burleigh
Harry Stiles
Vicky Panas
Serge Martich-Osterman
Jenny Slatter
Rob Asser
Frieda Lee
Kris Lawry
Martin Choy
Lana Lazar
Genia Mccaffery
Ingelle Moore
Donna Frederick- Neznek
Anne Carr
John Adam
Karen Armitage
Marguerite Derricourt
Francine Hawker
John Webster
Brian Gorman
Victoria Holland
daryll gigg
Robyn Jessup
Lesley Treleaven
Sara Mitchell
Belinda Cogswell
Tom Angelo
Wallace Bruderlin

Will you sign?