Clean Up Australia Day

Our local Clean Up Australia Day coordinator Justine is asking community members to pitch in 2 hours of their time, to help make Mort Bay Park a safer and even more enjoyable place for everyone.

Our local clean up is scheduled for Sunday the 6th of March, between 4-6pm at Mort Bay Park during a low tide time so that the beaches, fishing hooks, lines etc can be cleaned and make the park a safer place for beloved pets, kids, wildlife etc.

This is the only Clean Up Australia Day site in Balmain/ Rozelle and the Park is huge, so Justine and her friends could really do with your help to spread the word and drum up some volunteers.

Meet at Mort Bay Park on Sunday the 6th of March between 4-6pm. If people volunteer 2 hours of their time , the park will be a safer and even more enjoyable place for kids, pets, adults, wildlife, exercisers etc.

Volunteers can register online via this website or in person on the day. If you/ they don't have access to the internet, or anyone has questions please phone Justine on 0448 338 937.

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