Container deposit legislation long overdue: Greens launch bill

Greens MPs Jamie Parker and Cate Faehrmann today joined Clover Moore MP to launch a bill to establish a container deposit scheme (CDS) in NSW. The scheme will refund consumers 10 cents for beverage containers they return to a collection depot or reverse vending machine.






Greens MP Jamie Parker said:

"This is a crucial first step in keeping bottles and cans out of our environment by increasing recycling rates.

"A container deposit scheme has been in place in South Australia for over 30 years, with recycling rates at more than 80% for most materials.

"Compare that to NSW where less than 42% of bottles and containers are recycled, meaning billions of containers are going to landfill, polluting our environment and harming wildlife.

"This is needless and avoidable waste when you consider that materials such as glass, plastic and aluminium can be recovered and recycled.

"82% of Australians surveyed by Newspoll in 2007 are in favour of container deposit legislation.

"I am calling on the NSW Government to support the Greens' Bill and deliver this important reform for the benefit of the community and our environment."

Photos available upon request.

More information: Alison Martin 9230 2803 or 0432 941 533.

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