Councils must come clean on waste

Jamie Parker has called on the Inner West and City of Sydney councils to come clean and let residents know how their recycled waste is treated.

Mr Parker said:

“Inner West residents who are diligent in sorting their rubbish for recycling deserve to know where it ends up.

Reports have suggested that recyclable materials are not reaching recycling facilities, but instead transported over state borders or onto private properties, and simply dumped into landfill sites.

Many Inner West residents sort our rubbish carefully and assume that our councils’ kerbside recycling will ensure that our waste is sustainably reused. It’s shocking for us to realise that much of it could end up in landfill contaminating a river, or tipped down an abandoned mine in Queensland.

In order to make sure our community remains confident in recycling, I’m calling on the Inner West Council and the City of Sydney to publish clear, transparent information on their contractors that demonstrates our household recycling is indeed recycled.

We want to see a clear plan as to how councils are going to make sure our recycling does not end up in polluting and dangerous landfill sites.

If councils want residents to do the right thing on recycling, they need to make sure their suppliers do the same.”

ENDS: More information 02 9660 7586 / 0434 865441

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  • Jeff Parsons
    commented 2017-11-11 00:46:26 +1100
    Yes I agree. Ever since they did away with the black plastic tubs used for paper/cardboard only and then accepted all types of recyclables in the yellow lidded wheelie bins I’ve been somewhat dubious. Paper, glass, plastics and cans need different recycling methods so how could they all be mixed in together and then somehow separate at the other end ??
  • Sue Francis
    commented 2017-11-10 19:59:29 +1100
    Hey…..I thought that I was separating recyclable rubbish for a good reason !

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