Scrap Packer's casino

Crown has been told they aren’t fit to hold a casino licence in NSW due to alleged money laundering and links to organised crime. 

These are the same issues the Greens raised when we voted against issuing a second Sydney casino licence in 2013.

We were the only party that didn’t roll over for Packer.

The Liberal Government did, handing their mates at Crown prime public waterfront land, exempting them from planning rules, and delivering a casino licence without a public tender. They were backed by NSW Labor who gave Packer’s gambling empire bipartisan support.

All this while both the major parties have taken almost $90K in political donations from Crown every year for the last two decades!

Sign the petition to tell the Premier that Sydney should be run for the people, not gambling corporations who’ve bought political support. 

Dear Premier -

Sydney doesn't need a second casino. It's time to scrap Crown's casino once and for all. 


Who's signing

Nicholas O'Dwyer
Geraldine Clark
Bettina Tamberlin
Stephanie Donley
Mitchell Gooley
Julie King
Peter Bawden
Cornelia Merten
Steve Pearson
Vicki Ross
Jeffrey Passlow
Steve Edwards
Robyn Brown
Jessica Harris
Keren Cox-Witton
Debbie Gibson
Sarah Waddell
Petra Cram
Ilona Harsanyi
Nathan Staas
Len Hobbs
Judy Lambert
Jamie Fraser
Peter Marsh
Sylvia David
Mark Jones
Vera Yee
Fiona Brown
Rae Sheridan
Rita Warleigh

Will you sign?