Don't ignore people in the pursuit of profit

September 16, 2014. MEDIA RELEASE

After attending Monday's Western Harbour Super Precinct 2020 Forum, Greens MP Jamie Parker says this business and developer driven vision ignores the needs of the community and calls to protect open space and heritage

“Where is the community consultation?” Mr Parker asks. ”So far we have seen nothing.”

PWC has stated the value of major construction in the area totals $12.8 billion.

“We must involve the people who live and work in the area when we begin the conversations on how to approach development," says Mr Parker.

“This harbour-side region must be top of Sydney’s priority for tourism. And people want to visit the places that Sydneysiders love – not just tourist traps.

“If the locals love it, tourists will follow.”

“We must prioritise ease of walking and cheap and efficient mass transit around the area.

“As we’ve seen in many urban developments in Australia, developers only look to their own project and don’t take into account connectivity and community priorities. Public transport, green spaces, walking and cycling pathways, good infrastructure for quality of life and affordable housing are almost always ignored in the pursuit of profit.

"While government has an important role to play, the private sector needs to look beyond their own projects. Government can mandate that at any development’s heart are residents and community.

“If you don’t include people in the process, they won’t be part of the outcome.

“Any development must be led by local government with strong connections to the community and state planning bodies. It should never be left in the hands of developers.”

The Forum was presented by the Tourism and Transport Forum, the Sydney Business Chamber and the Committee for Sydney. These three groups are advocating for a "western harbour super precinct" running between the Botanic Gardens and Ultimo/ Pyrmont.


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