Don’t dredge Sydney Harbour

Sealife in Sydney Harbour is under threat by a plan to dredge the sea floor to build the Western Harbour Tunnel.

Marine biologists have warned that dredging the harbour floor will stir up a cocktail of chemicals contained in sediment, a remnant of Sydney’s industrial past.

Dredging almost a million cubic metres of sediment will reverse the improvements in water quality and could kill off aquatic animals and plants. It could also make Dawn Fraser Baths toxic and unswimmable.

The cleaner, less polluting alternative is to use a boring machine to dig a deeper tunnel underground through the bedrock and avoid the need to dredge the harbour. 


To the Minister for Metropolitan Roads,

Your plan to build the Western Harbour Tunnel by dredging up hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of toxic sediment risks ruining the ecosystem of our harbour and closing Dawn Fraser Baths.

We encourage you to opt for digging a deeper tunnel through bedrock and avoid the need to dredge the harbour.

Our community opposes the Western Harbour Tunnel.

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