Electric Buses for Sydney

Electric buses are an exhaust free, quiet and efficient option to replace current diesel buses. They are cheaper to run than conventional buses and have the potential for zero carbon emissions.

While cities like Canberra and Shenzhen, China are transitioning their bus fleets to electricity power, the NSW government is trialing just four electric buses in Sydney. It’s not enough.

Electric buses have the capacity to:

  • Operate on zero carbon emissions
  • Improve public amenity through reduction of traffic noise and vibration
  • Protect public health by reducing air pollution on congested roads
  • Run cheaper than conventional buses over their lifetime

Both Labor and the Liberals support a version of the polluting and destructive WestConnex tollway but we have plan for a world-class public transport system that makes getting around our city fast and easy.

Sign the petition to tell the government Sydney deserves clean, quiet and pollution-free electric buses. 

Dear Transport Minister, the Hon. Andrew Constance,

Please commit to the introduction of a 100% electric bus fleet to protect public health, reduce air pollution and provide Sydney with the low emission, cheap and clean transport network it needs.

Who's signing

Serge Martich-Osterman
Les Johnston
Eric Oppel
Carol Darcy
Martin Choy
Ref Hoogervorst
Ken Branighan
Joanna Cheung
Jennifer Curtis
Anthony Shadie
Dan Grosskopf
Michael Ryan
Mikhail Altman
Marion Manton
Wayne Findlay
Robert Matiuk
Gillian Mcelroy
Warren Allsopp
Jesse Shore
Anne Modjeska
Susan Fitzpatrick
Nadine Torney
Narelle Wilson
Hugh Cowan
Isabelle Hooton
Rose Schafer
Emma Hooton
Jane Price
Alan Gregory
Tim Douglas

Will you sign?