Ferries at Annandale and West Balmain

Imagine hopping on a ferry at Annandale or West Balmain and being in the heart of the city within minutes.

In 2020, we won the campaign for a Glebe ferry. Now, we have the opportunity to connect more of our area to the ferry network. New ferries at Annandale and West Balmain will provide a faster, smarter route into the city without adding to the traffic on our roads.

Both Labor and the Liberals want to build more polluting and destructive tollways across Sydney. But we have costed a comprehensive plan for a world-class public transport system that makes getting around our city fast and easy.

Dear Transport Minister,

New inner west ferry services would provide efficient, fast and environmentally sound travel to and from the area for workers, tourists, students, pensioners and the general public.  

I therefore ask that the Government build on the success of the Blackwattle Bay ferry and establish a ferry service at Rozelle Bay for the Annandale area and reinstate the ferry at West Balmain.

Who's signing

Ellen Conroy
Cheryl Edwards
Keiran Miller
Louis Cini
Anthony Nicholas
Samantha Hayen
Hap Hannan
Selina Hanning
Chris Chacos
Jeannette McGregor
Barry McGregor
Fernanda Rodas
John Philpott
Koko Cark
Julia Peters
dawne yule
Justine Stanley
jim demetriou
Debra Bushell
Sam Fernan
Susan Russell
Margaret Widders
Maitree Tangsatjit
Jenny van Proctor
Vince Panetta
Brian Freeman
Victoria Hawthorne
Florian Minzlaff
Diarmid McKeown
Robyn Pressick

Will you sign?