Ferries at Glebe, Annandale and West Balmain

Imagine hopping on a ferry at Glebe or Annandale and being in the heart of the city within minutes.

New ferries at Glebe, Annandale and West Balmain will provide a faster, smarter route into the city without adding to the traffic on our roads.

Both Labor and the Liberals support a version of the polluting and destructive WestConnex tollway. But we have costed a comprehensive plan for a world-class public transport system that makes getting around our city fast and easy.

Read the full Glebe Ferry feasibility report here

Dear Transport Minister,

New inner west ferry services would provide efficient, fast and environmentally sound travel to and from the area for workers, tourists, students, pensioners and the general public.  

I therefore ask that the Government establish a ferry service at Blackwattle Bay for the Glebe-Forest Lodge area, one at Rozelle Bay for the Annandale area and reinstate the ferry at West Balmain.

Who's signing

Thi Tran
Linus Gibson
Andrew Brittain
Gisela Weber
Paul Jeffery
Ben Naftzger
Wallace Bruderlin
Monty Martin-Weber
Madeline Roberts
Qianyi Lim
Robyn Martin-Weber
Benjamin Brady
Tom Fielding
Aidan Douglas
Debra Zappacosta
Richard Whitfield
James Baxter
Elizabeth Philipson
Caitlin Bell
James Harrison
Prasad Shringarpure
Melanie O'Mahony
Jessica Lowe
Rachel Sheils
Joanne Smith
Robyn Hunt
Toni Smith
Catherine Bateson
Maxwell Hoogedeure
Taylor Litton-Strain

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