Media release – February 17, 2016

Green_Space.jpegA long-held goal of delivering more active recreation space in the densely populated inner west of Sydney came closer to reality today.

Jamie Parker MP, Member for Balmain, facilitated a face to face meeting of a delegation of sporting associations, the Minister for Planning, Rob Stokes, and UrbanGrowth NSW CEO, David Pitchford, to discuss the need for a minimum of seven new playing fields and associated infrastructure in the Bays Precinct.

“I was delighted to bring together representatives of major sporting associations so they could directly put their case to the Minister,” said Mr Parker.

“The state electorates of Sydney and Balmain, in which the 95 hectare Bays Precinct urban renewal project sits, are two of the smallest and most densely populated in the State. There is concern that the focus of Bays Precinct has been on large-scale, headline-grabbing development without first committing to integrated community facilities.

“Regardless of the future housing mix at Bays Precinct, planning for a more liveable city should take into account the urgent lack of sporting facilities. Sporting associations throughout the inner west struggle to find enough grounds to meet the growing need of young people in our community. Sports are restricting registrations and in many cases turning away participants of all ages.

“It was a constructive meeting and we are encouraged that UrbanGrowth NSW agreed to undertake a detailed recreation needs study in collaboration with City of Sydney and Leichhardt Council to determine the shortfall in sporting facilities now and in the future. UrbanGrowth NSW also agreed to establish a formal process for consulting with sporting associations.

“These two commitments mark an important step forward in the campaign to deliver adequate sporting facilities for our children,” said Mr Parker.

Our delegation today included – Glenn Burge, Convenor of Spaces to Play Sporting Alliance; Darcy Byrne, Mayor of Leichhardt Municipal Council; Ian Holmes, CEO of Canterbury and District Soccer Football Association; Tony Mestrov, CEO of Hockey NSW; Denise Phillipson, Treasurer of Inner Western Suburbs Netball Association; and Jennie Webster, General Manager of Balmain District Junior Rugby League.


Further comment from Jamie Parker: 0413581603 (Lesa de Leau)

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