More harbourside land sold off in the Liberals’ privatisation push

Greens MP Jamie Parker described the government’s announcement today of the multi-million dollar new fish markets site as an ‘enormous lost opportunity’ for Sydney, citing the need for more public open spaces and community facilities, not private developments and shopping centres.

“This is an enormous lost opportunity for Sydney. This precious harbourside land would be far better used for public open space and much-needed community facilities like sports fields, rather than being sold off to developers to build commercial market space that primarily benefits private businesses,” he said.

“The government is set to massively increase development density in the Blackwattle Bay area, but we have not seen any proposals that meet the already existing unmet demand for public open spaces, child care facilities and spaces for children to play.

We also need to make sure the designs the Government is soliciting for the new fish markets site do not threaten the precious playing fields and open public space in Wentworth Park.

We have already seen with White Bay Power Station that the proposals put forward by developers were so rapacious that even UrbanGrowth NSW could not accept them.

We need more, not less, sporting and recreation facilities on our harbour for our growing community.

And we certainly need to make sure that the few we have – like Wentworth Park – aren’t imposed on by developers planning a glorified shopping centre.”


More information: Jamie Parker 9660 7586


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  • Kiriakoula Valsamis
    commented 2016-11-15 02:24:44 +1100
    This government only pays lip-service to the process of consultation. This government has a track record (no pun intended), of making choices that DO NOT reflect true community needs and wants.
    1 March 2010
    This document presents a clear and developed proposal for this area – that meets the needs of all.
    The choice to sell-off the public foreshore to “pay for” the new Fish Markets development – is another example of how this government will contort the truth.
    In truth, the government does not need to sell any more public assets. This government should not sell any more public assets but rather, invest in providing MORE amenity for our community.
    The logic of selling one asset to rebuild it somewhere else is ludicrous – the Powerhouse Museum as a case in point.
    The continuation of the public access along the foreshore from Bicentennial Park all the way to Waterfront Park and then on, towards Darling Harbour – would be a drawcard and feature to be envied on the world stage. Not only would it dovetail with Government initiatives for lifestyle and health changes but it would provide a myriad of innovative business opportunities.
    This government’s agenda to be debt-free by increasing residential densities and tollways is a failure.
    Towers of people with no significant changes to public facilities and services is a recipe for unbearable social, environmental and economic pressures on people.*

    This proposal should not be considered a “fait accompli”.

    *[More tollways (and high density living), invite more cars into the city.
    With “up to” a 30% decrease in travel time… a mere 0 – 15 minutes per hour, is it worth all the destruction of heritage, environment and social networks?]
  • Con Praesto
    commented 2016-11-12 12:58:37 +1100
    Another massive diversion by the Dictator. This area was identified for no resi in The Bays master plan after extensive community consultation but that’s not profitable enough for Tge Vandal.
    Give us the much needed amenity we desperately need such as schools, open space, sporting facilities!!

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