Fish markets: letter to the Premier

The Government is planning to redevelop the Sydney Fish Markets and the surrounding waterfront land. They are planning to add up to 2750 new apartments and a new market area. 

Please join with our wider NSW community to let the Premier of NSW know the government should be focusing on more green open space, sporting and community facilities before agreeing to any proposals for more multimillion dollar apartments.

Dear Premier,

Re: Sydney Fish Markets design

I am keen to ensure that our precious local amenities such as green spaces, sporting fields, heritage and access to the waterfront are preserved throughout the design process for the redeveloped Sydney Fish Markets and the market district.

In particular I am concerned about the impact on local communities of the proposal to build up to 2750 apartments on the Fish Markets site – three times the size of the development at Harold Park.

The welcome renewal of Sydney’s waterfront must not come at the price of community access to publicly owned waterfront land. Our neighbourhood should not be overwhelmed by residential towers and commercial redevelopment.

Already, this area is one of the most densely populated in Sydney, and suffers from a massive under-provision of community recreation facilities and public green space.

We need to use the Fish Markets precinct to address this deficit, before filling it with yet more high rise residential developments.

We ask that Wentworth Park should be given back to the City of Sydney and not used as an open space offset for this huge development to be overwhelmed by thousands of new residents.

Yours sincerely,


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