New Sydney Fish Market - Submission Guide

The development applications for the new Sydney Fish Market have recently been released for public exhibition. There are two proposals on exhibition:

Stage 1: Concept development application for the new Fish Market and Stage 1 comprising demolition and repairs to the existing sea wall, see here.

Stage 2: Construction and operation of a new Fish Market including land and water based structures for the use of the site for the Fish Market including waterfront commercial and tourist facilities and ancillary uses, see here.

Or see a general guide to the Sydney Fish Market development here.

Sydney Fish Market map

How to make a submission

Community members are invited to make a submission to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment by Wednesday 13 November 2019. As there are two proposals, submissions should be made to both stages.


To make a submission online, login to the Department of Planning website here. This online portal is difficult to use so please allow some time to create a login.


Attn: Director – Key Sites Assessments

Planning and Assessment
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
GPO Box 39

The submissions should state the application numbers SSD-8924 and SSD-8925.

What to include

Please use the below information as a guide only and add any additional information you like. Only unique submissions will be considered separately so make it your own!  

Transport, traffic and local parking

  • Once the new Sydney Fish Market is constructed, visitor numbers are expected to double to 6 million a year but there is no plan for major additional local public transport improvements. The plan lists public transport options as:
    • A single new on-demand ferry stop - this ferry only has the capacity to carry 60 passengers and will not be able to accommodate a majority of new visitors.
    • Existing three light rail stops - light rail services are already often at or over capacity especially through Pyrmont into the city.
    • New, undescribed bus routes – the Environmental Impact Statement lists that this will be ‘investigated’ but provides no detail or commitment. 
    • Planned Sydney Metro stop at White Bay – this stop is over 30 minutes’ walk away and doesn’t provide a realistic transport option for most visitors.

  • Without significant public transport improvements, visitors will be forced to drive, causing increased traffic and congestion in Bridge and Wentworth Park Roads. This intersection will be the only point of entry and exit for all cars, taxis, Ubers, coaches, emergency, delivery and service vehicles.

  • The current proposal will not include any additional parking spaces, keeping the parking on site at 417 spaces only. This means additional visitors are likely to park in Glebe’s residential streets.

  • There is no provision for waiting coaches to park, other than in local residential streets.

  • The transport modelling that has been completed for this project does not account for the impact of the proposed development of over 2,700 new apartments on the site of the old Sydney Fish Market which will add to local traffic congestion, public transport over-crowding and local parking stress.

Environment and sustainability

  • The building will have a 6-star ‘green star’ rating. While this green building certification sounds good, it is not audited meaning that this rating is predictive only. This rating system also doesn’t use exhaustive sustainability parameters meaning things like access to public transport are not even considered when the rating is issued.
  • The Environmental Impact Statement details a plan to ‘consider’ installation of rooftop solar that could be designed to provide just 5% of the total building electricity load. This is despite the building design featuring a wide, flat roof – perfect for solar.
  • Direct habitat destruction and alteration by man-made structures is a major cause of ecosystem decline in coastal areas. The Environmental Impact Statement states that the proposed site currently has limited ‘biological diversity’ given that it is a carpark and boat jetty. This project provides an opportunity to revitalise the local aquatic ecosystem but the EIS sets out only to ‘conserve’ biological diversity, not improve it.
  • The Environmental Site Assessment reveals that sediments underneath the proposed site contains heavy metals, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Total Recoverable Hydrocarbons. This includes arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel and zinc. The proposed construction carries a serious risk that contaminated sediments will be released into Blackwattle Bay. If they are allowed to escape, these pollutants pose a serious environmental risk and carry a heavy remediation cost.

Development and public access to the foreshore

  • The new Sydney Fish Market should be built on the existing site as the new location restricts public access to the harbour and the motivation for moving is simply to profit from the development of thousands of new apartments on the old site.
  • The current design severely restricts public access to the foreshore in Glebe. The building has been billed as part of a day-long walking experience from Woolloomooloo through Darling Harbour to Glebe but the foreshore walk actually forces pedestrians into the Fish Market building rather than continuing outside.
  • This public consultation does not consider in any way the proposed development of over 2,700 new apartments on the site of the old Sydney Fish Market. This development will be necessitated by the relocation and redevelopment of the current Fish Market and must be considered alongside it so the cumulative impacts can be established.


Submissions for both proposals are to be made to Department of Planning, Industry and Environment by 13 November 2019.

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