Greens Fighting For Balmain and Marrickville - (ABC NSW Stateline)

A battleground for the NSW state election is taking place in the inner western suburbs of Sydney, with the Greens fighting for the seats of the Sydney electorates Marrickville and Balmain.

source: ABC NSW Stateline website

While many other sitting Labor MPs will be hard pressed fending off strong challenges from newly endorsed Liberal and Nationals candidates, the members for the inner western Sydney seats of Marrickville and Balmain are being targeted by the Greens.

Ministers Tebbutt and Firth now admit that they face a struggle to remain in parliament.
In Marrickville Deputy Premier Carmel Tebbutt will lose her seat if there's a swing against her of more than 7.5 per cent. In Balmain Jamie Parker needs a swing of just half that magnitude to unseat Education Minister, Verity Firth.

source: ABC NSW Stateline website

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