Jamie continues his campaign to stop TAFE cuts



Published October 28, 2014 - Rohan Smith, reporter


IWCTafe.jpgA freeze on TAFE fees is what Balmain state Greens MP Jamie Parker is pushing for in NSW parliament.

Mr Parker lodged a bill last week to protect TAFE from cuts and privatisation.

The bill seeks a moratorium on changes to TAFE which cut 400 jobs across NSW earlier this year and will see student fees rise significantly next year.

Mr Parker said the Smart and Skilled reforms are “a money grab”.

“Cuts to TAFE will be deeply damaging,” he said.

“Socially, people will find it more costly – or be prohibited by cost – to train or retrain and enter the workforce.”

The objectives of the bill are to secure the future of TAFE as the dominant provider of vocational education, provide school leavers affordable options and support students with special needs.

Mr Parker was “particularly concerned” about TAFEs in his local area.

“Many constituents have contacted me, concerned about the impact of cuts and privatisation on their courses,” he said.

The funding cuts were passed by the upper house in June this year.

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