Greens MP introduces inner west school leadership program

Greens MP Jamie Parker last week introduced his School Leadership Program with a morning tea in NSW
Parliament for local school captains and vice-captains.

"This program is about encouraging young people to take up leadership positions within their schools and in the broader community," said Mr Parker.

Mr Parker, whose mother and sisters are teachers, said he considered education a major priority for his work as the local member for Balmain.

"Teachers do such valuable work within our community and I believe it's my role as the local member to do everything I can to support them." 

Through the leadership program, Mr Parker will work closely with schools, students, teachers, parents and community members to facilitate links throughout the community.

"This program will create connections between different people within the community – schools, businesses, Council, and community leaders - helping kids with work experience opportunities, providing mentoring opportunities and other initiatives."

"It's still early stages but I'd love to see prominent community members engaging with schools, mentoring our young leaders and encouraging them in their pursuits." 

The program will involve all high schools within the Balmain electorate and will also include events for primary school students.

Mr Parker last week spoke in Parliament congratulating the students on their success and discussing the school leadership program. 

More information: Alison Martin 0432 941 533

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